Saturday, March 24, 2012

Loving Our Pets

Joel and I haven't taken the path of children, yet, but we sure love our pets! Meet Teddy the dog, and Oliver the cat. Oliver is more Joel's animal, and Teddy is more mine, but we love our little angels. Sometimes I really think Teddy thinks of himself as a cat. He is a bit snobby at times. Oliver on the other hand, has the friendly personality of a dog. Oliver will grab one of his toys (cat toys may I add), and set them down in front of us, then meow until we throw it. Once we have thrown it, what does he do? He brings it back to us and repeats this to create his own game of fetch. Just like a dog. I think they have it backwards.


  1. These pictures are so sweet. Recently stumbled upon your blog - and I can't wait to see more :)

  2. so cute! your kitty looks just like my orange kitten!


  3. I want to cuddle both of them so much! Darling :)