Monday, October 29, 2012

Dixie Donuts

Yesterday Joel and I were supposed to head to Carter Mountain and get our apple picking in for the season. With Sandy making her way to the East Coast, we opted out of going. At the end of the day, I guess we could have gone, because all that really happened was some wind, but it was pretty windy. It would have been freezing on top of the mountain. Hopefully we will get to go later this week, or in the upcoming weeks. 
Instead of going to the mountains, Joel and I got up extra early and headed downtown for a coffee date with friends, Sydney and her husband Andrew. We stopped at Dixie Donuts, and got one of each donut so I could try every flavor. They were surprisingly really delicious! After picking up our donut goodies, we headed to Carytown Bistro and I got the Thin Mint Latte, it was amazing! A little too sweet with the donuts, but on it's own it was delicious. I would definitely get it again. We basically spent the rest of the morning in downtown Richmond, and even stopped by the river for the view. With the hurricane approaching, the air was chilly, and the sky was cloudy. A perfect fall day for me,  that's how I like'em! The leaves have really started falling and the colors are gorgeous. 

photos taken with vsco cam


  1. Looks like a perfect fall day! Apple picking is fun but nothing can beat donuts :)

    Ps: i love their vintage logo btw!

  2. Those donuts look yummy! I pass by Dixie Donuts all the time, but have never tried them. Looks like they're worth a stop!
    Fizz and Frosting

  3. Those donuts look delicious! I love that you took a bit out of each.

  4. you have the prettiest hair, my goodness! (yes i'm stalking your blog today hehe)