Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pumpkin Picking

Like so many others, Joel and I have a tradition to go pumpkin picking every October for Halloween. We like to spend our tradition going to the Ashland Berry Farm, where we got married, and play the "all you can carry game." They take you on a tractor to the pumpkin field, where you pick all the pumpkins you can carry (and take three steps) for only 20 bucks. It's a deal! You then load your pumpkins into a wheelbarrow and haul them off. Our friend Cameron took one for the team this year and carried the weight of our 9 pumpkins for us to get the deal. As an explanation for the giant dog- my husband has a recent obsession with large dogs. He made me take pictures of it posing on a rock, the dog really was I included them in the post. 

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