Thursday, February 14, 2013


Since Joel started his new job, his hours have changed and he is working all day Valentine's. He just happens to have Wednesdays off, so we took advantage of his day off yesterday as our Valentine's day. We started off the day with chocolate waffles, and took a drive to Charlottesville. Unfortunately, it rained all day, so downtown Charlottesville looked liked a ghost town. We took a short drive around the mountains and headed back East. We went to Trader Joes + World Market + shopped around the mall in our area. We had a wonderful italian dinner and called it a night with reruns of Parks & Recreation. Today I plan to fill my day with catching up on CreativeLIVE//painting my nails//watching chick flicks//getting yummy take out for myself. 


  1. Same thing happened here my friend. =) Chick flicks for the win!

  2. Sounds like a good day, and those waffles look delicious!