Monday, December 23, 2013

New York December 2013

Joel and I went to see my brother at his place in New York last weekend and got snowed in. We had planned to take a trip into the city where I could get some yarn to knit, but it was so much cozier curling up on the couch, so until next time Manhattan! We spent the weekend at my brother's, but also went to visit my sister-n-law's parent's at their home in the mountains, so pretty in the snow! Eva also took her very first bites of solid foods!
 photo IMG_7379_zps159c8702.jpg photo IMG_7376_zpsd6664eb4.jpg photo IMG_7384_zpsdb2ea999.jpg photo IMG_7388_zps02bee2d3.jpg photo IMG_7370_zps0bc730b5.jpg photo IMG_7592_zpsce1f3403.jpg photo IMG_7382_zpsdd004399.jpg photo IMG_7385_zpsb284ffa3.jpg photo IMG_7408_zps16dd7bce.jpg photo IMG_7400_zps65c9f66a.jpg photo IMG_7411_zps0fc7d9a2.jpg photo IMG_7395_zps2dd88569.jpg photo IMG_7415_zps44a7bff9.jpg photo IMG_7421_zpsef0737f5.jpg photo IMG_7422_zps61dc156a.jpg photo IMG_7424_zps45ae9a6d.jpg photo IMG_7425_zpse21cfcf4.jpg photo IMG_7441_zps6aa99aa1.jpg photo IMG_7443_zpsf94553eb.jpg photo IMG_7431_zpsbdf6bd82.jpg photo IMG_7456_zps66280b26.jpg photo IMG_7458_zpsd36b92c9.jpg photo IMG_7438_zps26f17ef0.jpg photo IMG_7427_zpsbc66e764.jpg photo IMG_7426_zps50987cd6.jpg photo IMG_7433_zps7cf75112.jpg photo IMG_7473_zpse630b923.jpg photo IMG_7446_zpsd7337148.jpg photo IMG_7542_zpsdf63b0ae.jpg photo IMG_7466_zps4d1586ee.jpg photo IMG_7472_zps01a9cd76.jpg photo IMG_7539_zpsa944afc1.jpg photo IMG_7576_zps9e19cec5.jpg photo IMG_7577_zpsfe16d037.jpg photo IMG_7580_zps2af47176.jpg photo IMG_7598_zps4fcbd4a5.jpg photo IMG_7724_zps7f55b660.jpg
 photo KayteeSignature_zpsd2d4b7ff.png


  1. These photos are like a dream! Gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful photos! x

  3. These are gorgeous :) Love the exposed beams in your brother's house! And that last photo is just too cute ;)

  4. Your photos are absolutely beautiful!! xx