Friday, January 10, 2014


I'm getting a late start on my 2014 goals, but not because I'm just now writing them down. It's because I wanted to be very intentional with myself on my goals for this year, and I want to make this year really count. Every year has counted, in the end they always do, but I don't want to settle on any of my dreams and goals that I have for this year. I want to set realistic goals, but also ones that will push me to reach farther than years before. Some of my goals and dreams I have kept private, but here are some of the more fun ones that I want to accomplish this year through my blog, my personal life, and my photography. I hope to be adding additional goals to this list throughout the year as 2014 takes me through this new adventure. 

Make homemade donuts 
Day trip to Charlottesville 
Travel more places, more often, more spontaneously 
Blog more 
Continue to test recipes and document on them 
Yoga more often 
Cut sugar from my diet a little at a time 
Recipes from my Sprouted Kitchen Cookbook 
Improve my dog's diet from the Healthy Dog Cookbook 
Buy goodies from my business want list  
Continue on my photography adventure 
Start each morning with devotion
Try coffee black 
Visit New York City, it's been a while 
Visit Morehead City 
Cut TV shows out of my daily entertainment
Buy Aviator Raybans   
Try PEARL in downtown RVA
Try Proper Pie Co in downtown RVA
Buy a chunky knit sweater 
Cut back on sweets & sugar 
Toss more whole foods into my diet 

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