Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Favorite Moments of 2014

 photo 10693416_243570532480065_1374556527_n_zps3f438073.jpg photo 10802816_486628891480075_219904394_n_zps759b5f39.jpg photo 10611197_1496379807313989_1168934707_n_zpsd7ed5a0f.jpg photo 10755893_1580050262214357_1601530223_n_zpsa70dcea7.jpg photo 10632360_1521654541401775_1857019817_n_zps8f8e0cc8.jpg photo 10598391_1461830217408723_1895444463_n_zpsec0d2ae7.jpg  photo 10597525_1497245357158789_245152537_n_zpsd7f8df77.jpg photo 10576155_1461730347426785_1946832910_n_zpsdf8b30ad.jpg  photo 10598433_1487486748164420_546296970_n_zps51e357b5.jpg photo 1799830_835768596441897_1364262828_n_zps25d2673d.jpg photo 10488804_1491227161114774_120343881_n_zps64e7dc07.jpg photo 10467987_1502018396702702_1474946883_n_zps58812152.jpg  photo 10471979_684096681669311_743262098_n_zps867effb6.jpg photo 4943b0a68b4c11e39b8a125d06582ab4_8_zps4cc6fd33.jpg photo 5ce34ee4997211e39d5712cb74e4acdc_8_zpsc65226bd.jpg photo 2241209e7ec011e3b4c80e7f48f161ad_8_zps17c34a3e.jpg  photo 266af4bc794611e396e312b3099bf222_8_zpsfdf51367.jpg photo e30fe75488f911e3b8f30efae419d75e_8_zps7d784a0f.jpg
SNL Live 
Celebrated 3 years of marriage 
Sugar Shack donuts for the first time! 
Started keeping a well-organized closet
In and Out Burgers for the first time  
Started cooking more whole foods and trying recipes from my Sprouted Kitchen Cookbook 
Turned 24! 
Started practicing Calligraphy for fun 
Reached my goal of shooting 15 weddings for the year 
Got glasses! 
Shot my first boudoir 
Found the perfect apple pie recipe 
Discovered the tastiest Baja Grill place 
Purchased my wonderful ONA bag 
Tried ice cream from each spot we visited in California 
Adventured through the year with my Whitney English Day Planner 
#Girlboss. Enough said. 
Tried figs. Not a fan. 
California to visit friends! 
Moved into our home. 
Proper Pie Co for the first time 
Was featured on Southern Weddings. It was a big deal for me. 
Celebrated the engagement of a best friend 
love kaytee

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