Friday, July 3, 2015


Today marks the day that I am officially 25. We planned to celebrate this weekend in New York, so we planned a backyard get together for all of our friends to come celebrate and see the house. We passed around my Polaroid camera, and these are the gems we found at the end of the night. It was amazing having everyone there, and we had so much fun. The piƱata was a huge hit!
  photo Scan 4_zpswfwaln1q.jpeg photo Scan 1_zpsmwp2lneu.jpeg photo 11_zpsele5ccsh.jpeg photo 14_zpsik3qgvlm.jpeg photo 12_zpsz02jrsyb.jpeg photo Scan 3_zpsluesc2d6.jpeg photo 13_zpsptlncm8c.jpeg photo Scan 9_zpsdm80cws3.jpeg  photo Scan 8_zpsm0ay4lsd.jpeg photo Scan 2_zpsarxc9ney.jpeg photo 15_zps5uyonjgs.jpeg photo Scan 6_zpsfmuxpa2e.jpeg photo Scan 5_zpsq62aookp.jpeg photo Scan 7_zpsnjkxibrp.jpeg
love kaytee

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